Water damage

Water Damage can be a nightmare. However, SPG Management knows how to minimize the damage and expense when water damage occurs. Our services start the moment you call – and the sooner you call the better! The key to a positive outcome in most water damage cases is a simple but powerful formula:

  • Stop the source of water flow. Whether you have a broken pipe, leaky roof, sewer backup or other source of water damage the first step to stop the flow of water.
  • Thoroughly dry the area
  • Assess for mold and presence of bacteria or other pathogens
  • Provide mold and pathogen remediation services as needed
  • Fix underlying source of water if appropriate – for instance, improve basement drainage in a case of flooding to avoid a recurrence
  • Provide needed structural repairs
  • Provide cosmetic repairs
  • Certify that the area is mold and pathogen free

Think of SPG Management FIRST in the unfortunate event that you have a water damage incident. We will ensure that the problem is fixed quickly, thoroughly and does not recur.


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