Mold Remediation Services

Mold has become a huge problem in property management. The public is very aware of the dangers of mold so property managers need to be especially careful to make sure mold issues are addressed quickly and completely.

Mold comes from water damage, So the first step in any mold remediation project is to locate the source of water ASAP! SPG Management has a team of experts that can locate the source of the water and fix it permanently – whether the source is a leaky pipe, a drainage issue, a foundation crack or a malfunctioning appliance, we will get to the source.

Once the source of moisture is eliminated our mold remediation crew will safely remove any contaminated materials, sanitize all non-removable surfaces and reconstruct damaged drywall, woodwork, flooring, etc. When SPG Management finishes you will never know you had a problem and can certify to customers, tenants and buyers that your property is mold free!


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